FAQs of B2B Travel Suppliers Portal

  1. Q :- What would be the next year usage charges ?

A :- 2nd year usage charges would be the 50%  of the 1st year usage charges in the same way 3rd year usage charges would be the 50% of the 2nd year’s charges and from 4th year onwards it would be free for life time on  3 years consecutive continuous usages payment .

  1. Q :- What if I don’t pay on 2nd year portal usage charges ?

A :- we generally keep reminding our registered users through registered mobile & email along with our support tele calls before 01 month of its end of activation date. However ,  if user don’t pay with in its due date, then automatically activation gets suspended but registered user gets 15 days grace period to pay & reactivate the log-in id under the same agency id to get benefits for life time free usage  for 03 years consecutive  usage norms.

  1. Q :- What if I pay after the grace period ?  

A :- you will not be able to pay after grace periods with discounted 50% usages charges on the basis of 1st year or 2nd year’s charges and will loose the entitlement of previous years usage. It means again you have to again register with new credentials ( Email id & Mobile number) and buy with fresh the then price !  

  1. Q :- Can I use this portal in my Desktop or Mobile Both ?

A :- Yes you can use it in your desktop or both but simultaneously you won’t be able to login in both systems .  

  1. Q :- Why I’m unable to kept logged in throughout the day ?

A :- you will be logged out if your portal’s screen is ideal  more than 05 minutes because more than  more than thousands  of concurrent registered travel agents are using every moment across the country and server won’t allow the ideal users more than 05 minutes to gain active user’s experience.

  1. Q :- 02 Times my account got locked in recent past and then I had to call the customer care to solve it !  so why it is happening ?  

A :- We would request you to log out from this portal by clicking logged out tab at right side of your search panel  …. Don’t close the from browser as it’s a robust banking model system …

  1. Q :- In some of my computer , I’m unable to login where as in others computer or mobile I can easily log in !

A :- please updates your Chrome / Firefox / Edge / Safari Browser  regularly to avoid this kind of challenges

  1. Q :- I got coupon code of extending my validity of usage ! but still now my validity remains same ! why coupon code has not worked ?

A :-  While you entered the coupon code while registration  , you must have received automated mail within 03 days activations from no-reply@b2btravelsuppliers.in that your now eligible for 03 months extra validity . so automatically when your validity reached 365 days it will automatically get 90 days extra .

  1. Q :- I’m into travel business for almost more than decades so how I can rely on this portal’s suppliers or vendors to change my existing suppliers ?

A :- This Travel Suppliers Portal has been designed and developed by keeping in mind for travel supply chain resilience in post pandemic fast dynamic world to support all the time to our travel associates / agents across the globe .

However , to give more lights on your raised multiple concern in your small question  , would like say , we utmost respect your business acumens and experience , which you earned since inception of your travel business and we value your existing suppliers and vendors and we will never recommend you to replace it.

However, no harm to keep various lots of suppliers for each destination with various categories for your any 01 query or purchase .  Our moto is to empower you with AtmaNirbhar or Self-Reliant concept with thousands of suppliers and vendors for various categories for each destination so that you never depend on someone or very few .

You may find one of your existing suppliers in the portal’s search result among thousands of our contacted supplier & vendor because tirelessly our travel veterans & professionals’ team round the year working from across the globe to keep contracting to get as many as possible for each destination’s loads of category’s suppliers & vendors from various reputed international travel fair & road shows from Germany’s Berlin  to England’s London to  Singapore to India’s Delhi to Mumbai & Kolkata to keep you updating  about the travel supply chain .

Even all sorts of travel agency & agents use to attend the various travel fair and travel road shows at their respective levels but not able contacted with all travel and its related exhibitors in any this kind of such events to get all product updates in such a manner that in one click or easily the travels agents can retrieve the details what even they collected from the event in hard copies .

It’s also not feasible  for any sort of micro , small ,medium and even big travel agency or travel organizations to keep focusing on only getting updated of the travel inventories with thousands of travel suppliers and vendors from around the world on various categories by spending millions  .    

Therefore , we are doing this job on your behalf by sending at least 20+ dedicated veteran travel professionals in each travel fair & road show around the world to strong your inventories to empowered you and make you AtmaNirbhar or Self-Reliant . So that you can do business smoothly and always ready to sale all travel destinations with not only depended on one supplier rather with loads of suppliers and vendors for each destination and categories.

And as far as reliabilities is concern , we would like to share one of the most common examples for your easy reference in the e-market place or e commerce segments

Examples :- Amazon / Flip-Kart / Misho / Expedia / Agoda / amongst many other showcases or share information  the products & services from their various suppliers & vendors but not takes any guarantees of any products and services but always these above platforms management always  try to add or empanelled the most reputed company’s product and services by their maximum internal due diligence but its users takes decision from which shoppers they will do the transaction.

In the same way our travel veterans & professionals’ contracting team also try to do utmost internal due diligence while they contact the suppliers in various International & Domestic reputed Travel Trade fair & road shows .

we strongly believe when these suppliers or vendors comes different parts of  world to showcase this product & services, they seem to be a reliable & trustworthy however we strongly recommend please do uses your acumens and experience for any sort of transaction which we elaborately explain in our Terms & condition page.   

  1. Q :- I have my own Operations team to get suppliers Updations , so why should I take your paid service ?

A :- Good to know that you are having your own operations team to get the suppliers by visiting various trade fair and road shows around the world , Sir / Madam , think about the cost of sending even 01 Person at any outstation for 02 to 03 days ….compare to your spending year on year for every event , you are getting systematic updates from all the trade fairs & road shows from around the world . so, we recommend you to please you do focus on your business and we will continuously update you the best possibale suppliers & vendors from around the world at cost of only few thousands which is much less than even 100 USD Per Year …        

  1. Q :- How many suppliers or Vendors I will get in this platform ?

A :- Its not possibale to give you the exact numbers because it gets updated very frequently though to give you just an idea that you will be getting  thousands and thousands of wholesale suppliers for only for travel Agent or agency once you start using the paid version of this platform ,

To start with you will be having  88+ International Destinations or Countries various Categories of suppliers and vendors for each destinations & categories at your finger tips . It’s even offers the offbeats destination like northern light amongst many international segment

Domestically in India you will be getting more than 196+ Top trending destinations in various categories which includes the off beats destinations

We would request you to please watch 10 minutes below you tube video for Benefits of B2B Travel Suppliers Portal to get an idea how you can get enormous benefits out of it !

Benefits of B2B Travel Suppliers Portal
  1. Q :- Can I take franchisee or distribution of this portal for my district or State ?

A : Couple of our master franchisee working in different zone in India & different part of world however there are

certain criteria to have this therefore please send your detail at hello@jegs

  1. Q :- Can I get offline support if my desired search place in not into the portal ?

A : As discussed above , we have covered maximum top trending International & domestic destination with all sort of categories however we will always try to help you happily  with your special destination’s requirement & categories . please can mail us with your special requirement offline 02 times in a year at   hello1@jm-jegs.com

  1. Q :- how many categories of Suppliers I will be getting in Portals ?

A : As discussed above , it gets updated very frequently However to give you an idea just have a look below while access the paid version of the is portal that you will be getting in single window screen below categories of suppliers & vendors …. However, watch above YouTube benefits video   DMC| Transporters | Hotel Aggregators | Cruise | Sightseeing | Heli Operators for Char Dham & Vaishno Devi Pre-Purchase B2B Portals| Travel Finance | Travel Forex |Destination Wedding Co.| Travel App/Web Making Co. | Exclusive Digital Marketing Co. to Boost Your Sales |Joining Details of Various Travel Associations | And Many More